The Sweetness And Love Of North India For Beautiful South-East Asia.


Once considered the shining jewel in the British Empire's crown, India can today be easily deemed as the huge, 60-carat diamond in the World's flavoured cuisine ring. The large variety of dishes, appetizers, snacks, side dishes and desserts have found numerous fans on an international scale.

How else would you call a country's cuisine if almost half its dishes are either sweets or desserts.

As India is rich in its heritage and culture, the country has plenty of festivals in line. Sweets are the most sought after dish offered to the deity.

A popular saying in India goes like this "shubh kam se pehle kuch mitha kha lena chahiye" (have something sweet before beginning some auspicious work).

Sohan Papdi or Soan Papdi is a low calorie crispy & tasty North Indian dry and sweet dessert snack. It is usually cube-shaped or served as flakes, and has a crisp and flaky texture.

Soan Papdi is one of the most famous and traditional sweets of India. Ethnic taste comes alive in each heavenly bite of Soan Papdi. Soan Papdi is prepared and available in both hard & damp and dry kinds.

A favourite among children, it is served as cubes of wispy strands that simply melt in the mouth.